BOTOX, it’s the most in demand aesthetic treatments. Even though it’s the most popular treatment that we offer, we are still surprised about the common myths and misconceptions about BOTOX.

With movies and TV shows talking about the worst case scenarios regarding botched BOTOX, we can understand why. People are drawn to these shows and the movie and TV industry throws BOTOX under the bus for a quick laugh.

However, the truth is that complications or over done faces are extremely rare.

Myths include a few such as :

You’ll have a frozen face.

You’ll look puffy.

Huge lips.

These are such large myths that have been circulated with movies and TV shows just to draw laughs from an audience or get ratings.

In fact, it highlights just how important it is to choose a practice and injector that has experience and isn’t just a practice that just opened up or something like a dentist offering it. Experience matters.

We take pride in ensuring all injectors at our locations are experienced and we also partner with our product manufacturers such as Allergan, the manufacturers of BOTOX Cosmetic.

A skilled injector has the capability of evaluating facial composition and structure. Combined this with a strong understanding of muscle movements as well as being an expert with BOTOX, results in great wrinkle reduction among other uses of this injectable.

Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask us questions during your consultation. We offer a no sales approach to our consultations and are more than pleased to answer any questions about your BOTOX treatment.