Whether we like it or not, aging comes with time. Just as our perspectives evolve as we age, we should do the same with how we think about our health. It’s not easy to age. The key is to embrace aging and learn how to be proactive about one’s health.

The pandemic has caused many people to take their health more seriously. In fact, it’s led people to take a strong ownership of their health. With digital devices also lending a hand, it’s easier now to keep track of important vitals including exercise statistics.

Just like you manage your personal finances, you’ll want to keep track of these numbers to stay fit. Though other numbers are just as important, these three numbers will help you overall keep a sense of how you are doing to stay physically fit.


Check for an ideal step count or set a goal for yourself. Any activity is better than none. Most phones have a step counter and if you start keeping track, you’ll likely findĀ  how often you are not moving. Yes, it’s harder than ever to be mobile particularly those that are working from home, but it’s also another reason why you need to put your health at the forefront of your day. Keep track of steps is a first easy step on your path to overall wellness.


Yes, sleep is just as important to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. A solid eight hours is generally recommended. Let’s work to put the phone down at a reasonable time because screen time right before bed has been shown to make it harder to get a good nights rest. Most phone has a sleep counter that provides a pretty good estimate of how long you are sleeping for.


Maintaining weight can be a struggle for most of us. It is ideal for you to weigh yourself on a daily basis. This will give you a clear view of how your weight can fluctuate even if you overeat for a few days. It can also serve as a reminder if you are not getting in enough exercise to maintain a calorie count.

If you are not feeling like yourself due to age or the overall wear and tear of our daily lives, other options are available to help you re-energize and replenish your vitals. These include supplements, testosterone replacement therapy and IV infusions among other treatments.

The key to maintaining a healthly lifestyle is developing small positive habits that lead to big changes in health. These numbers can help you start small to see transformative changes in your health.